The CCEDC works diligently to create and offer programs that will move your business forward! This includes conducting an annual business retention & expansion survey that helps us better understand the needs of our business community, providing training and mentorship opportunities, acting as a liaison to create valuable partnerships, and identifying incentives and sources of funding to help you realize your business goals!

Whether you are a seasoned developer looking to locate in Clear Creek County, or someone who has a dream of starting a small business, the CCEDC is a great place to start the conversation!



Loans & Grants

Learn more about the Clear Creek County CARES About Business Grant Program.

Business Leadership & Mentorship

Learn from and engage with your business community!

Business Incentives & Opportunity Zone

Take advantage of state and local business incentives when you locate your business in Clear Creek County.

Workforce Development

Learn more about Clear Creek's workforce initiatives.

Business Loans & Grants

Region 3 CDBG Business Loan Program

The CCEDC administers the Region 3 Business Loan Program (BLF) for Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. Since 1985, the CCEDC has provided over $8M in business loans, which has leveraged approximately $17.5M in area investments. The goal of the loan program is to support business retention and expansion and new job growth within Region 3. 

Loans are generally between $2,000 and $200,000 but will be considered on a case by case basis. CCEDC loans may be used for the purchase of real estate, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, working capital, and inventory.

COVID-19 Response / Emergency Working Capital Loan Program

Due to recent events, the CCEDC is offering low-interest, emergency working capital loans for existing businesses affected by COVID-19. The maximum loan request is $30,000; interest rate and term will be determined by the Loan Committee at the time of application. Please ensure submittals are complete with ALL required documentation - partial applications will NOT be reviewed. 

Micro-Enterprise Loan Program

The CCEDC administers a Micro-Enterprise Loan Fund for small businesses with capital needs of less than $100,000. Specific qualifying criteria include five or fewer employees at the time of application, and the owner(s) must qualify as low-to-moderate income.

Funding for technical assistance is also available to develop solid business skills and improve the chance for success moving forward.

Clear Creek County CARES About Business Grant


Clear Creek County has received Federal Cares Act funding to provide financial support to Residents, Business Owners, and Local Governments with impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Shutdown. In collaboration with the towns of Georgetown, Silver Plume, Empire, and the City of Idaho Springs the County has developed a new “Clear Creek Cares Business Grant Program” to provide economic support to local businesses.

Grants will be awarded in the amounts of $5,000 - $20,000 and are intended to pay for essential business-related expenses like payroll, rent, mortgages, utilities and supplies.

Energize Colorado Gap Fund Grant/Loan

Deadline: October 26, 2020

The Energize Colorado Gap Fund will provide more than $25M in small business loans and grants to boost small business enterprises that are the economic engines throughout the state. Sole proprietors, businesses, and nonprofits with less than 25 full-time employees can apply for up to a $15,000 grant and a $20,000 loan for a possible combined total of $35,000 in financial assistance.

Applications and awards will be done in rounds to allow assistance to be provided through December 2020. The process will not be first-come-first-serve, it will be a competitive process that will help those in need to receive priority access to assistance.


Business Leadership

& Mentorship

Business Leaders of Clear Creek County (BLOC3)

Postponed until further notice.

DreamBuilder for Women

DreamBuilder offers online courses that teach women the skills and knowledge to start or grow their own business. Courses are interactive, convenient for your schedule and available in both Spanish and English. Best of all, they're free! Learn the step-by-step framework for launching your own small business. Best for entrepreneurs ready to start their own business or those who already own a business and want to develop their skills in a variety of areas, or are in various stages of exploring growth. 


Join other women in Clear Creek County as we lead you through the DreamBuilder program!

Postponed until further notice.


Business Incentives

& Opportunity Zone

Enterprise Zone Program

Clear Creek County is a designated Enterprise Zone. The Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program is designed to promote a business-friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate and develop in, and non-profit organizations to assist with the needs of these communities.

Private-sector business activity encouraged by these income tax incentives brings job opportunities and capital investment to economically distressed areas. The private investment results in tax revenue for school districts, cities, counties and the state, outweighing the costs of the tax credits granted.

Rural Jump-Start Program

Clear Creek County is a designated Rural Jump-Start Zone. The Rural Jump-Start Zone program provides specific tax relief to New Businesses and New Hires of these businesses that are located in certain economically distressed areas of rural Colorado and align with local or regional state higher education institutions in order to promote economic development in these areas. This program is based on Senate Bill 15-282, and codified under Colorado Revised Statutes 39-30.5-101. This program is administered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and the Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC), in conjunction with other government entities.

Clear Creek County Water Bank

Learn more about water resources available to augment development needs. Please contact the Clear Creek County Special Projects Division at 303-679-2434. 

Idaho Springs Opportunity Zone

The City of Idaho Springs (Census Track 148) is identified as a Colorado Opportunity Zone. In the broadest sense, the newly enacted federal Opportunity Zone (OZ) is a federal tax incentive for investors to invest in low-income urban and rural communities through the favorable treatment of reinvested capital gains and forgiveness of tax on new capital gains. Click on the link below to view the Opportunity Zone Investment Prospectus.

Local Incentives

Clear Creek County and its municipalities will consider local incentives on a case-by-case basis. The CCEDC can assist as a liaison to get the conversation started!

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation may be a valuable tool for commercial property owners as we continue to move through challenging times. We encourage you to review the information below, conduct your own research, and speak with your CPA to determine if cost segregation makes sense for you.

Forbes: Hidden Provisions In The CARES Act: Learn To Thrive As America Opens Back-Up For Business

Forbes: Hidden Stimulus In The CARES Act For Businesses: Net Operating Loss Carrybacks Can Bring Sweet Returns


Purchasers of real estate can gain tremendous tax benefits by using a popular asset depreciation technique called cost segregation. Using this method, buyers view a real estate acquisition as consisting not only of land and buildings but also tangible personal property and land improvements. The tax savings come from accelerated depreciation deductions and possible easier property write-offs. A taxpayer can use cost segregation when constructing a building, buying an existing one, or, in certain circumstances, years after disposing of one so long as the year of disposition still is open under the statute of limitations (see revenue procedure 2004-11). (Journal of Accountancy)

Cost segregation studies are conducted for a variety of reasons (e.g., income tax, financial accounting, insurance purposes, and property tax).  For income tax purposes, cost segregation studies involve the allocation (or reallocation) of the total cost (or value) of property into the appropriate property classes and recovery periods in order to properly compute depreciation deductions.  The results of cost segregation studies are typically summarized in an accompanying cost segregation report. (IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide

Find a cost segregation study provider: American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals

 Workforce Development

Homegrown Talent Initiative

Imagine families, schools, businesses, and higher education coming together to support students in finding their passions, engaging with their community, and developing new skills and competencies, all while simultaneously attaining the credentials necessary to qualify for a wide range of post-secondary pathways. The Homegrown Talent Initiative (HTI) aims to provide the resources and support needed to achieve this vision – to develop a Colorado where ALL students are lifelong learners.

The CCEDC is assisting with facilitating connections between Clear Creek students and our business community, ultimately resulting in opportunities for business mentorship, student internships, leadership development, and more!

Employee Resources & Job Listings

As current events unfold, we are seeing our hospitality industry paralyzed. COVID-19 has caused numerous businesses to shorten their hours or temporarily shut down, leaving Clear Creek residents out of work. Below, you will find employee resource links, as well as updates on temporary employment positions as they are identified.


  • Colorado Restaurant Association:  click here 

  • Basic guide to unemployment: click here

  • File for unemployment: click here

  • Colorado online application for food stamps and other various sources of assistance programs such as help with child care, cash assistance, and access to health care coverage: click here

  • Unemployment Insurance – During layoffs, all employees are encouraged to apply for unemployment insurance. Those who are job-attached (meaning workers will be expected to return after a separation of up to 16 weeks) should file as “job-attached.”

  • Work-Share Program may allow certain employees who have had reduced hours to claim partial unemployment benefits and is an alternative to laying people off.

  • Layoff/Separations

Attainable Housing

Clear Creek County Emergency Housing Assistance for

Rental & Mortgage Assistance 

Full-time County residents in need of immediate rental or mortgage assistance due to hardships from COVID-19 are eligible.  The Program, administered by The Grand Foundation, provides limited, short term assistance to households that are vulnerable to eviction or foreclosure throughout the County and municipalities.  Applications are first-come, first-serve and funds are distributed directly to the housing providers.  Emergency requests may supersede this processing and special circumstances may apply.  To apply, contact any of the following:


Riverbend Residences in Idaho Springs

The Riverbend Residences in Idaho Springs are now open! 



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