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Clear Creek COVID-19 Business Accreditation Program

Times are tough. For business owners, they're really tough.

Clear Creek County and the CCEDC are excited to offer a specially curated, no cost COVID-19 Business Accreditation Program to help you through current challenges. You will receive credit for participating in activities in the following categories: Safety, Self Care, Financial Accountability, Marketing, and De-escalation. The majority of courses can be completed on your own. However, we periodically host live digital events - refer to the event calendar for details!

Once you have completed the required credits for a specific category, you will earn a badge (window decal) to display at your business. When you have received all five badges, your business will be a Clear Creek COVID-19 Accredited Business.



Receive a 50% discount during the month of January for daily/hourly passes at the recreation center and ice skating rink!

Use promo code JANCOVIDBUS

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